Benefit Program

Delivering delights, one gift at a time

Supercharge your office environment and express gratitude towards your valuable staff by providing them with exclusive online offers via our dedicated employee benefits portal. Let’s celebrate and acknowledge their outstanding contributions.


Delivering delights, one gift at a time

At HRnGIFT, we create unique gifts tailored to meet each employee's preference, making a lasting impact during significant milestones. We aim to deliver delights that will make your team feel appreciated and special, whatever the occasion. The All-In-One Gifting Platform

Empower Employees to Choose

Gift Management Solutions

Platter of Gifts

Customisation & Personalisation

Common Pain Points of HR looking for Employee Gifting

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present”

- - Albert Camus - -

Benefits of Employee Gifting

Boost team spirit and collaboration

Increase employee morale and engagement

Increase employee retention

Improve and build connections

Enhance performance and employee satisfaction

Gifting in Employee Life Cycle

Presenting 5 distinctive stages, each featuring thoughtful gifts aimed at expressing gratitude and boosting employee morale. These carefully curated stages not only showcase appreciation but also play a pivotal role in promoting a positive work culture.


When potential meets opportunity!

The journey begins with attracting potential talents.
At this stage , it’s crucial to identify gifts that create a lasting first impression. Whether it’s during career fairs or initial interaction, a well-chosen gift sets the tone, making the organisation stand out and leaving a memorable mark on prospective employees.

Let’s thrive together!

As the hiring process begins, selecting gifts becomes a task, one that mirrors the company’s values and fosters a sense of belonging even before employees formally start. Thoughtfully chosen gifts at this stage provide a glimpse into the positive experiences that awaits them.

When every beginning sparks a bright future!

The onboarding stage is where employees transition from recruits to team members. Selecting gifts that ease this transition and align with the onboarding process is key. Practical items, welcome kits, or personalised goodies can make employees feel not just welcomed, but truly valued from day one.

Your journey, our commitment!

Employees development is an ongoing journey. Recognising milestones, achievements, and contributions with meaningful gifts boosts morale and motivation. Whether it’s training, accomplishments, work anniversaries, or reaching career goals, thoughtful gifts serve as tangible reminders of the organisation’s appreciation for continuous growth and dedication.

Farewell with gratitude!

The concluding chapter of an employee’s journey, marked by reasons like resignation, secondment, or retirement is bittersweet yet inevitable. Thoughtful parting gifts express gratitude for their contributions, serving as enduring reminders of shared experiences.

Synergising Success - A Comprehensive Approach

Through the implementation of these strategies, we have the power to propel your HR Gifting Program to unprecedented heights, igniting a surge of employee satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty

  • Technology Integration
  • Cost Optimisation​
  • Feedback and Analytics
  • Gift Management System
  • Customisation
  • Integrate Technology

  • Streamlined Process

  • Ease Employees’ Choice

  • Cost management

  • Creative & Strategic Gift Solutions

  • Enhance Program

  • Utilising Data

  • Analytics

  • Ensure Better Decisions

  • Automated System

  • Simplifies Inventories

  • Ease Distribution

  • Seamless Operations

  • Customisation & Personalisation

  • Foster Stronger Connections

  • Promote Engagement

Sustainable and Ethical Gifting

HRnGift’s strategy centers on sustainability and ethics, emphasising eco-friendly gifts that align with our values and appeal to environmentally conscious employees.

Case Study

2022 Multi-Country Care Pack Campaign

6 Countries , 1 Successful Campaign

Successfully sourced, packed, over 25,000 care packs containing localised goodies; Global Distribution to 6 countries.

Localised Care Pack

Across six countries, our project delivered customised care packs filled with cherished local favourites, embracing ethical and sustainable gifting practices. Through careful curations, we conveyed gratitude while advocating for community and environmental well-being. Our successful campaign had swiftly sourced, packed and distributed over 25,000 care packs, demonstrated our dedication to impactful actions across borders.







Making Positive Business Impact

We are humbled and honoured to receive the Brands for Good 2023 Award. The award is a testament to our commitment as business owners to doing good, and as responsible steward leaders who strive to make a difference in our fellow Singaporeans’ lives. The award embodies social responsibility in our business and operations.As a credible and reputable SME, we firmly believe that our success lies not just in our business achievements, but in our impact on society.We are committed to this journey to build businesses for good!